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About Me

I'm Theresa, a 28-year old bibliophile, history enthusiast, and a lover of different cultures. I've always had a serious case of the travel bug, even though I've mainly only traveled Western Canada. I have visited Disneyland in California as well as getting to experience Alaska on a cruise though. 

Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, photography (which I am slowly getting better at) and video making (also getting better at this). I also love to cook and bake. I am always open to trying new recipes either from other countries or just recipes that I make up as I go. I always end up making tweaks to any recipe because there are still foods that I will not eat. 

I spend my free time reading & working on my blog. Any other spare time is spent with family. 

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About the Blog

Wanderlust Canadian was created back in 2018 under a different name. Since then, the name has changed twice, branding and logo have changed three or four times before settling on what I have now. A logo that represents home, with the mountains and trees with colors that are subtle but inviting at the same time. 

Black and White Square Abstract Logo (1).png

Over the last 6 years this blog has gone from food/recipes to travel to history to reading before finally landing on the amalgamation of topics it is today. You'll find book reviews/recommendations, travel "guides", food/recipes, and much more. 

Whether your traveling across the world, through antiquity, or through the pages of a book, I've got you covered!!

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