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About Me

Hello there! I'm Theresa, a 28-year-old bibliophile with a passion for history and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Despite having mainly explored Western Canada, my travel bug has taken me to Disneyland in California and allowed me to experience the beauty of Alaska on a cruise.

When I'm not on an adventure, you can find me immersed in my hobbies. I love delving into books, honing my writing skills, and capturing moments through photography and video making—both of which I'm gradually improving at. Cooking and baking are also close to my heart, and I'm always eager to try new recipes, whether they're from different countries or concoctions I create on the spot. I tend to put my own twist on things, adapting recipes to suit my tastes.

In my free time, I dedicate myself to reading and working on my blog. Any remaining moments are cherished with family, making the most of the precious spare time I have.

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About the Blog

The inception of Wanderlust Canadian dates back to 2018, operating under a different name at the time. Since then, the blog has undergone two name changes, and the branding and logo have evolved three or four times before settling into its current form. The present logo embodies a sense of home, featuring mountains and trees in subtle yet inviting colors.

Black and White Square Abstract Logo (3).png

Throughout the past six years, the blog's focus has transformed, transitioning from a platform centered on food and recipes to exploring travel, delving into history, immersing in reading, and finally culminating in the amalgamation of diverse topics it presents today. Visitors can discover a blend of content, including book reviews and recommendations, travel "guides," delightful food recipes, and much more.

Whether you're embarking on a journey around the world, delving into historical realms, or escaping through the pages of a book, Wanderlust Canadian is your go-to destination for a rich and diverse experience!

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