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A Wedding and a White Christmas: Book Review

Before I begin, I was sent this book by Suzanne Stengl to give my honest review.


Book Information:

Title: A Wedding and a White Christmas

Author: Suzanne Stengl

Publisher: Mya & Angus

Edition: 1st

Pages: 213

ISBN: 9781775146407


Book Summary:

A whirlwind Christmas visit to Las Vegas. A long night of merrymaking. An Elvis Chapel. Whoops! Emily and Mark join a bunch of friends on a trip to Las Vegas. At some point, they stumble into a wedding chapel and say “I do” to an Elvis impersonator. The next morning they realize their mistake, and Mark promises to sort out the paperwork for the divorce. Although Emily loves Mark, and has since childhood, she knows he’s not marriage material. For Mark, it’s not that he has commitment issues—or any issues, for that matter—but marriage would complicate things. He and Emily are friends and he doesn’t want to mess with that. Besides, he knows Emily is on the rebound. She’s not over her failed engagement to Dan the idiot. On top of that, there’s Emily’s aunt. Myra doesn’t like Mark and if she learns about this elopement . . . well, let’s just say, there will be no Peace on Earth this Christmas!


Book Review:

*As always I will try and prevent any spoilers*

The story begins as Emily, Mark and their friends are on there way back from Vegas where Emily's sister held her Jack and Jill Party for her wedding. As the book summary says Emily and Mark ended up getting married at a chapel in Vegas but they have not told anyone they know that this happened. As soon as they return to Calgary, Mark goes and sees his lawyer friend to get an annulment only to find out they need a divorce instead (which will take over a year). All of this is happening in the lead-up to both Christmas and Emily's sister's wedding. Some other things happening during this time are that Emily ran from her wedding just six months prior (at the rehearsal dinner) she moved out of her aunt's house (who took her and her sister in when their parents died) and she is desperately looking for a job that will pay her rent. Her sister applied for a position for her at the school she works at. Emily went to school to be a calculus teacher but ended up subbing in the kindergarten classroom of the same school her sister teaches. While all this is going on Emily's ex Dan is still trying to win her back (at the urging of Emily's aunt who has decided that they will end up together), even though Emily is not interested and you find out more about this relationship as you read the book. Mark and Emily are still trying to talk and discuss the steps to divorce but with all the wedding stuff, Mark's work at the hospital, and then with Emily working at the school they don't really end up having the time at all.

As the book progresses I really get the feeling that Mark didn't want to divorce Emily, and Emily wanted to be married to Mark but they didn't communicate the best (if at all). All the stress that Emily's sister was under for her wedding was nuts. Their Aunt is really a piece of work because of how controlling she is. As the wedding gets closer and closer Emily and her sister both start to rebel against the aunt for sure. By the end of this book, I was so happy to see that both sisters get their "happily ever after", with who they are supposed to be with, in the way that they truly wanted; without being under their aunt's thumb. With everything, I think that this was the ending that both women deserved as well as honestly the ending that the aunt deserved. The relationship between the two sisters is very close and you can see that they don't want to hurt their aunt by not doing what she wants but at the same time, the aunt is preventing them from living their lives the way that they want.

All in all, I loved this book. It was super cute and I loved the Christmas aspect of it. I really tried not to give any spoilers but I honestly recommend that you check out this book.


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