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Book Review: Catherine's Passion

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Good Morning!

I want to start this post off by saying that I was sent this book from A.M. Westerling to give my honest review.



Book Information

Title: Catherine's Passion

Author: A.M. Westerling

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd.

Publication Date: 2022

Edition: 1st

Pages: 315

ISBN: 978-0-2286-2068-6


Even though it means her chances of marriage are slim, Lady Catherine Harrington prefers life in Cornwall where she devotes her time to playing her pianoforte. A chance encounter with Lord Julian Fitzgerald has her believing that perhaps one day she may fulfill her dream of performing in public. His interest in her puzzles her for he is betrothed to another.

The son of a duke, Julian Fitzgerald will stop at nothing, not even the displeasure and disapproval of his parents and society, to forge his own future. When sabotage threatens the success of his tin mine, he puts his own life in danger to prevent it. But will it be enough? Particularly when thoughts of the alluring Catherine distract him.

Will Catherine's passion for music lead her to find passion in the arms of Julian? Or will her determined young lord succumb to family duty?


Book Review

First things first, I loved this book. I loved seeing the continuation of the Harrington family story.

Julian and Catherine's story was really endearing. I loved that they tried to start out as friends and that was Catherine's initial assumption because Julian was betrothed to someone else. Slowly though you see how their relationship starts changing and you see them slowly fall in love. Julian's main goal in Cornwall is to reopen the tin mine, but slowly his plans expand to involve Catherine. Catherine's main joy in life at the beginning of the book is her pianoforte, which she plays beautifully, she injures herself at the beginning of the book and ends up offering her teaching skills to a young boy on the pianoforte and she truly enjoys it. Julian tells her she should play in London and I truly believe that he would have supported her if she so chose to follow that dream, (wasn't really explored by the end of the book). Catherine's parents aren't too happy initially about the interest Julian was showing in Catherine because he called off a betrothal already and what was stopping him from breaking Catherine's heart but eventually they are won over by him. Near the end of the book, an accident at the mine (Julian saves all the miners) shows to Julian that he really wants to be a part of Catherine's life. After the accident happens, Julian's father (who previously wanted nothing to do with him after he ended his betrothal) showed up and offered his support for the mine. A few days later he ends up asking for Catherine's hand. The book ends with a family party at Harrington House with all the sisters and their spouses (Catherine and Julian are not married yet) and also their parents.

Another thing that I loved was that the story of Guy Keats was finally put to rest in this book.

I loved the dedication in this book as well "To anyone who has ever dared to follow their dream"

Without spoiling too much I can't really say all that happens in this book because I really don't want to spoil it for anyone. Obviously I have stated some of the things that happen but in all honesty you can kind of guess what is going to happen in this book.


All in all I loved this series and recommend it to anyone.

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