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Today marks the beginning of what I am calling the Month of Books. I first wanted to share some of my favorite bookfluencers. These are people who use social media to share books, book merch, reading, etc. Some of these influencers I follow on multiple platforms, while others are actually the authors themselves that I follow.



Two of these blogs are not active anymore, while the other I use quite a bit. I really like the book blogs because they pack in a lot of information which is something that I like.

Hasn't been active since March 2022 but there are some good posts to read.

hasn't been active since May 2023 but again really good book reviews and she also has a travel aspect to her blog.

I love this blog and I read the posts all the time. Very informative but very much a book-based blog but does have some travel elements to it.



None of these are really active very much anymore as they are all on Tiktok.



On top of some of the Tiktok creators that I follow these are my top 4 on Instagram.

@amyleabooks - Author

@blondebooksbabe - inactive since September 2022




I have many more that I follow as well and if you are interested in seeing more bookfluencers simply send me a message and I can share some more with you.


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