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Canadian Monsters: Waheela

Updated: Mar 11

Today we will be taking a look at another Canadian Monster. Today's monster is the Waheela, a monster that has a trail from Alaska to Michigan that it follows with its killings. Let's dive in!


The legend of this creature has been kept alive in Native American lore. If this thing is real, I would NOT wanna have one come across my path. Legend says it’s a wolf-like beast that is the size of a full-grown bear. That in itself would be frightening, but according to myth, it is an evil spirit that can manifest itself anytime and anywhere it wants. And according to witnesses, it has done just that in Alaska, northwest Canada, and northern Michigan. The Waheela is described as a large wolf-like animal. He is said to be larger and more powerfully built than a wolf and has disproportionately large feet. The front legs should be longer than the hind legs. Unlike the wolf, the Waheela is not meant to appear in a pack. It is mostly in Native American legend but it was sighted by an American mechanic, Frank Graves, who described it as a "wolf on steroids", most likely because of its build/size.

In northern Michigan, three trappers were said to have been brutally ripped to shreds by a Waheela. The legend continues by saying the Waheela has come across campers and have completely chomped their heads off, usually in one swift “chomp”. The Nahanni National Park in Canada has been nicknamed “Headless Valley” thanks to the deeds of the Waheela. That particular park may be over 2,500 miles from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but it’s directly on the path that begins in Alaska and ends in Michigan, where the Waheela is said to roam and kill. There is another cryptid that is believed to be identical to the Waheela, even the same creature. Amarok is the name of a giant wolf from Eskimo mythology. It is said to hunt and eat anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike real wolves, who hunt in packs, the Amarok is always alone.

If this beast is real, then where could it have possibly originated? Some wonder if it’s a leftover family member of the Amphicyonidae, a pre-Ice Age brute that was kind of a mix of bear and dog over 1.5 million years ago. This creature is said to suffer extinction at the hands of the Ice Age.

It's up to you to say if the waheela is an actual creature or just a legend. What do you think?


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