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Favorite Books @ the Moment

Updated: May 14, 2021

I have been doing a lot of reading recently and have discovered 4 new (to me) authors that I now love. These have been actual books not ebooks as I have been mostly reading before. Reading actual books has been really rewarding if that makes sense. These books have been covering the genre of historical romance; with most being Highland Romance or Regency Era Romance. I really like these books because of the history involved in the time period. I am able to conduct my own research on the era (if I decide to) as well as just read the story.


There are 4 new authors that I have really enjoyed. That doesn't mean that I have only been reading books by those authors. However for the purposes of this post I will only be covering the 4 new authors I have been reading recently. Those authors are Julia Quinn, Lynsay Sands, Alyson McLayne, and Amy Jarecki. I have been reading either series from these authors or single books.


Julia Quinn

I started reading Julia Quinn series Bridgerton after watching the first season of the show with the same name on Netflix. I absolutely loved this series and I really enjoyed the way that each book tied into other ones, you always got an update on what the other characters were doing.


Lynsay Sands

I found this author on a trip to the library. She writes both Regency and Highland Romance. I have finished (for now) her Highland Brides series and have started reading her stand alone books. I really like Love is Blind, Lady Pirate and A Lady in Disguise. I have also read My Favorite Things: Christmas Collection. I have enjoyed all of these books, and would gladly read them again.


Alyson McLayne

I also found this author recently at the library. These books are also Highland Romance and I really enjoyed them because they also have a dramatic aspect to them. I have read all four of the books in this series and the new one comes out in August and I can't wait to read it.


Amy Jarecki

Another series that I found at the library was the Lords of the Highlands series by Amy Jarecki. I really enjoyed this series. While still romance books these are also very drama filled and it makes for a great read.


I can't wait to read more books from these authors, and I already have a list made of ones that I really want to read. I still have a couple from the Highland Lords series that I have to finish but other than that I need to get some more reading done.

There are other authors that I love as well, like Tessa Dare and Johanna Lindsey and they both cover historical romance as well. I hope that this post helps you maybe find a new author or series that you enjoy as well. Have an amazing day :)


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