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Goals for the New Year: 2022

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Welcome to 2022!! I seriously hope this year is better than last year and really to me I plan on making this a good year for myself.

I usually have 4-5 goals for the year and this year is no different. Although this year my goals are a little different than years prior. My goals for this year varying from a goal for school to health to moving/packing goals. So let's dive in to the list.


1. Changing up my diet and exercise plan

For the last year/ year and a half I have been eating a mostly vegan diet but due to some health issues its just not feasible for me any more so I have made the decision to follow a more pollo-pecscatarian diet. Which means that I will eat fish/seafood and chicken as well as veggies and fruit and really it will not be something I indulge in all the time but this way I hope to eliminate some of the issues that I have been having. I will still not eat eggs, dairy or honey. I will not be eating any other types of meat because beef and pork make me physically sick at at this point. I will still be eating vegan at least 50% of the time because I have really enjoyed getting creative with my food. This doesn't mean that further down the road I won't shift back into vegan eating but for now these changes have to be made for me.

Another change I am implementing because I have been having issues with my back and knees, I will be trying to do a workout at least 3 times a week at least to start and hopefully work up to 5 days a week. I have found a few people on YouTube that I really like their workouts so I plan on trying them out and basically making my own plan. I recently found out I have minor osteoarthritis in my neck so I am hoping that by working out I can try and combat some of the stiffness and soreness.

In the same area, I am really working on my mental health as well and, this past year has been a roller coaster for me and I am ready to take back my life and am slowly getting a really good handle on my mental health and I can't wait to move forward in my life.


2. Deep Cleaning and Packing

So with all the changes coming to me this year I will be slowly deep cleaning and getting rid of whatever I don't really need. I will also be slowly packing over the course of the next few months as I don't want it to be a mad dash to pack once I get closer to moving day.


3. School

So this goal doesn't really come into effect till September but my goal for school is to be involved in my community and school. Really to force myself out of my comfort zone and make sure that I don't retreat into myself like I normally would.


4. Blog and YouTube

So this goal is strictly for my blog and for my YouTube channel. I am really hoping to get back into making YouTube videos and making more content. I am hoping that once I am closer to moving and doing more things regarding that, I will have some more content to put out. For my blog it is basically the same thing, I want to grow my audience and really have amazing content to put out.


5. Reading

My last goal for this year to to read more. I was doing really well in September, October and November but I didn't read a single book in December. I really want to focus on reading at least 5 books a month whether that is on my kindle or paperback. I really want to get a Book Journal to really track my reading but for now I use GoodReads, which works for now but for the future I want to have a physical record. I want to be able to actually write notes, and see how my reading really plays out.


What are your goals for this year? Do you have similar goals as me? Happy New Year!!


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