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His Ocean Vixen: Book Review

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Before I start today's post I just want to say that this book was sent to me by Victoria Chatham in exchange for a review.


Book Information

Title: His Ocean Vixen

Author: Victoria Chatham

Publisher: Books We Love Publishing

Publication Date: 2018

Edition: 2nd

Pages: 235

ISBN: 9781771459037


Book Summary

Newly-wed Lady Juliana Beamish has much to look forward to but her future turns bleak when the ship she is voyaging on is attacked by pirates.

Captain Drake O’Hara serves no master and only one mistress – the sea. On course for Jamaica he is reluctant to waste time investigating wreckage strewn across the ocean’s surface but when the debris offers up a beautiful survivor, he has no option but to take her aboard.

Drake undermines her every notion of what desire is but, uncertain if she is still a wife or might already be a widow, Juliana is unwilling to dishonor her marriage vows. Returning to England is the only recourse she has to determine her status. Can she continue to resist Drake or will she surrender to the unrelenting passions he has stirred in her?


Book Review

I want to start my review by saying I will be trying hard not to spoil anything so I won't be going into much detail about the book.

Juliana's story starts on the ship that is taking her and her new husband to India, attacked by pirates she is left for dead in the wreckage. Drake comes upon her while he is on his way to Jamaica and takes her on board, he agrees to take her back to England but only after he does what he needs to do in Jamaica.

From my understanding the story begins in January when Juliana is in the wreckage, she is unconscious for at least 4 days on the ship but it seems like she was adrift in the ocean for at least 5 days. By the time we get to the end of the book, it is September, which is crazy that it took that long to travel when now all we know is being able to travel in hours rather than months. I loved the progression of Juliana and Drake's relationship. Juliana not knowing what happened to her husband after the pirate attack doesn't want to have any involvement with Drake until she knows for sure if she is married or a widow. Drake respects this at least for the most part. Juliana really struggles with her attraction to Drake when they get to Jamaica and this only heightens on the trip back to England. When they arrive back in England they have some issues as well but by the end of the story Drake and Juliana do end up together.

I can't really say too much more without ruining the story. There is a heightened level of mystery and crime happening in Jamaica and it follows them to England before being dealt with right before the story ends. This story depicts sea travel really well while still having a story filled with passion and romance as well as having an air of mystery and crime.

I loved this book. I would highly recommend it.


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