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Leah's Surrender: Book Review

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Good Morning!

I would like to start this post off by saying that I was sent this book by A.M. Westerling to give my honest review.



Book Information

Title: Leah's Surrender

Author: A.M. Westerling

Publisher: Books We Love, LTD.

Publication Date: 2021

Edition: 1st

Pages: 291

ISBN: 9790228615439


With the threat of scandal hanging over Lady Leah Harrington, her parents arrange a temporary position for her in Australia as a companion to her aunt. Leah vows that on her return to England, she will forge her own future as a published lady of letters. However, now that she’s learned men are not to be trusted, having her sensibilities muddled by a dashing navy captain is not what she had planned for herself.

Despite France’s ever-present menace during the Napoleonic Wars, Captain Heath Trevelyan is ordered to transport a load of convicts aboard HMS Charlotte Mary destined for the penal colony of Australia. As a favour to a friend, he also provides passage for an alluring young woman and her aunt. When his ship sinks during a storm, a battle of endurance ensues for Heath and the survivors, including several convicts and the beauty who has captured his senses.

Which will he obey? His orders or his heart?



*I really tried not to spoil anything about this story but it is very hard considering it was just so good, and it is hard to rave about a book without telling a bit about the story.*

I loved this book. I found it to be a very interesting and compelling story. I loved reading about Leah and Heath's story and seeing that even through danger they found love.

I loved that over the course of the book Leah goes from being a lovesick girl, in love with her sister's husband to being a somewhat independent young lady, working on things that she loves and doing what she wants. She realizes exactly what she wants and decides to fight for it. And at the end of everything she decides that she wants Heath and fights for that, even if it wasn't really a fight. I loved the inner war that Heath had with himself about Leah being on his ship and at the same time the turmoil he had when he realized he was falling for her. Being shipwrecked really changed the way that Heath looked at Leah. Leah's attitude and ideals I think started to change at this time to, she (in my opinion) realized that she didn't need to be thins girl who only got a husband but rather she could be the "captain" of her own destiny. I loved the ending (don't want to spoil too much but) when she sends the letter but Heath arrives before ever reading it, declaring his love. I know that their story is over but I can't wait to see a glimpse of their life in the next book of this series, Catherine's Passion. I enjoyed getting the glimpse of Sophie and Bryce's life after the ending of their story.

I really liked that Guy Keats was still in this story. I know he was captured at the end of the last book, Sophie's Choice and it was a good way to continue the story with him, even if he gives me creepy guy vibes. I know, at least thats my hope; that he will make an appearance in the next one because he escaped dying in the shipwreck, I can't wait to see what happens to him.

I will leave you with a excerpt from pg. 280. "Laughter bubbled up and burst through her lips as she clasped the paper to her chest. Heath's letter was almost word for word identical to the one she'd written him. Surely the fates had guided both their hands as they each wrote their letter as a sign Leah and Heath were meant for each other."

I can't wait to read Catherine's story. The last of the young ladies of Harrington House.


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