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My Favorite Cookbooks

Today's post I am going to highlight some of my favorite cookbooks. These are cookbooks that I use all the time and I recommend them to anyone looking for recipes. Now all 6 of these cookbooks are vegan ones, due to the fact that I was vegan for almost 3 years. I still use these recipes but just add chicken or seafood in place of the meat replacements or just eat a veggie-based meal(which I still do often). At the end of this post, I am going to highlight a couple of cookbooks that are on my to-buy list as well.


1) Vegan Bowl Attack by Jackie Sobon

This cookbook has more than 100 one-dish meals that are packed with plant-based power.


2) The Edgy Veg by Candice Hutchings

138 carnivore-approved vegan recipes.


3) Vegan Boards by Kate Kasbee

50 gorgeous plant-based snack, meal, and dessert boards for all occasions.


4) Liv B's Easy Everyday by Olivia Biermann

100 sheet-pan, one-pot, and 5-ingredient vegan recipes.


5) Liv B's Vegan on a Budget by Olivia Biermann

112 inspired & effortless plant-based recipes.


6) Vegano Italiano by Rosalba Gioffre

150 vegan recipes from the Italian table.


Cookbooks On My To-Buy List


I'm sure that my cookbook wish list will grow but for now I just really want those two cookbooks. Another thing that I use is Pinterest but I have recently been collecting the recipes that I love and I am going to compile them into a cookbook for myself, the ones that are my favorites at least I won't lose them if I do that.


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