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Simplify Your Life

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

There are many ways to simplify your life. I am slowly going to implement these ideals into my life. Being able to simplify my life will be a great stepping stone in helping my mental health and helping in organizing my life. I am going to give you two versions of this list. However because the lists that I have found are all really long I am going to pick and choose 15 points off of the long lists.


Short Version

These are really only two steps to simplifying.

1. Identify what's most important to you.

2. Eliminate everything else.


Long Version

For this section I am going to share 15 tips that I liked the most

1. Make a list of your top 4-5 important things. What's most important to you? What do you value most? What are 4-5 things you most want to do with your life? Simplifying starts with these priorities, as you are trying to make room in your life so you have more time for these things.

2. Learn to say no. This is actually one of the key habits for those trying to simplify their lives. If you can't say no, you will take on too much.

3. Limit your communications. Our lives are filled with a continuous flow of communications; email, cell phones, messaging, paper mail, social media and more. It can take up your whole day if you let it. Instead, put a limit on your communications ie. only do email at certain times of the day, for a certain number of minutes. Same with other communications as well. Set a schedule and stick with it.

4. Purge your stuff. If you can devote a weekend to purging the stuff you don't want, it feels great when you complete the weekend. Get boxes and trash bags for the stuff you want to either donate or toss.

5. Edit your rooms. One at a time, go around the room and eliminate the unnecessary. Try to leave only the minimum and get rid of the rest.

6. Spend time alone. Do what you love. Once you've freed up some time, be sure to spend the extra time doing things that you love. Alone time is good for you. It could take practice getting used to the quiet, and making room for your inner voice. This quiet is necessary for finding out what is important to you.

7. Establish routines. The key to keeping your life simple is to create simple routines ie; a morning routine, a bill-paying routine, an evening routine etc.

8. Declutter before organizing. Many people make the mistake of taking a cluttered desk or filing cabinet or closet or drawer, and trying to organize it. Unfortunately that's not only hard to do but keeps things complicated. Simplify the process by getting rid of as much of the junk as possible and then organizing. If you declutter enough, you wont need to organize at all.

9. Find inner simplicity. This could be time praying or communing with God, or time spent meditating or journaling or getting to know yourself, or time spent in nature. However you do it, working on your inner self is worth the time.

10. Find a creative outlet for self expression. Whether that's writing, poetry, painting, drawing, creating movies, designing websites, dance, skateboarding, etc. We have a need for self expression and finding a way to do that makes your life much more fulfilling. Allow this to replace much of the busy work you are eliminating from your life.

11. Learn to do nothing. Doing nothing can be an art form, and it should be a part of every life.

12. Fill your day with simple pleasures. Make a list of your favorite simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout the day.

13. Carry less stuff. Consider carrying only the essentials, whether that's in your bag or your pockets.

14. Leave space around things in your day. Whether they're appointments, or things you need to do, don't stack them back-to-back. Leave a little space between things you need to do, so you'll have room for contingencies, and you'll go through your day much more relaxed.

15. Always ask: Will this simplify my life? If the answer is no, reconsider.


Websites to check out!


Hope you enjoyed today's post and you are able to utilize some of these tips in your lives.


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