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Sophie's Choice: Book Review

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Good Morning!

I would like to start this post off by saying that I was sent this book by A.M. Westerling to give my honest review.



Book Information

Title: Sophie's Choice

Author: A.M. Westerling

Publisher: Books We Love, LTD.

Publication Date: 2020

Edition: 1st

Pages: 282

ISBN: 9780228613008


Lady Sophie Harrington is not one to abide by society's strictures. If there's one thing she knows, it's that she will not be paraded on the London marriage market in hopes of finding a suitable husband. When a handsome bachelor moves into the neighbouring country estate, she thinks her wedding prospects are solved - all she must do is make the man fall in love with her and convince her parents he would be a good match.

Successful barrister Lord Bryce Langdon escapes London to begin a new legal practice in the rugged county of Cornwall. However, being the object of desire for two beautiful sisters disrupts his life and distracts him from his true purpose for being there - infiltrating a local smuggler's ring.

Can Sophie win Bryce's love? What will she do when she discovers Bryce is not the honourable man he appears to be? Sometimes temptation cannot be resisted...



First off, I loved this book. I love the visual aspect that A.M. Westerling brings with her writing. The way that the words really paint a picture is amazing.

I love the way that Sophie really "stuck to her guns" so to speak about her beliefs and desires. She didn't feel the need to change who she was for either her parents or a man. She was simply herself. I was happy that Sophie's attitude and demeanor never change throughout the book. She remained the same and it didn't matter what was going on.

I also really enjoyed "watching" the romance blossom between Bryce and Sophie. Even after the true reason he was there (no spoilers) was revealed she still let him explain and didn't just shut him out without explanation. It really showed that even after that his affections towards Sophie were real and that he did really want to be with her.

The sisterly relationships were also something that was amusing to "watch". Because I have a sister I can say that petty arguments do indeed happen and it was amusing to watch them play out during the book. Sisterly feuds eventually lead to sisterly understandings. Sisters may bicker and fight but they are always happy for each other and have love for each other all the time. Sophie's relationships with her sisters really proved this. Her relationships with her parents was also really amazing. I loved that her parents really took into account Sophie's desires when it was her heart in the mix.

All in all I really loved this book and I can't wait to read the next one in the series. I can't wait to see what happens to the next Harrington sister, if the excerpt at the back of this book is any indication I am really going to enjoy that one as well.

While this book is not like the others of hers that I have read I truly loved the picture it painted. I was able to feel like I was actually there experiencing that (which I am usually able to do if it is well written). I would have loved to have had a more elaborated ending scene but even without that the ending was perfect. I would have also like to see Sophie confront her father about why Bryce was there after she found out but that is just my preference.


I hope that if you read this book you enjoy it as much as I did. More book reviews are coming :)


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