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The Countess' Lucky Charm: Book Review

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Good Morning, I'm going to start this post by saying that I was sent this book by A.M. Westerling for my honest opinion.


Book Information

Title: The Countess' Lucky Charm

Author: A.M. Westerling

Publisher: Books We Love, Ltd.

Publication Date: 2015

Edition: 1st

Pages: 392

ISBN: 9781771454315


Saucy pickpocket Simone Dougherty relies on her nimble fingers and quick mind to work London’s streets. However, using her wits to survive in the East End is one thing. Using her wits to pose as the wife of the attractive Lord Temple Wellington is another thing altogether. Especially when her rebellious heart refuses to listen to reason.

Restless and bored with the life he’s carved out for himself, younger son and black sheep Temple Wellington determines to turn over a new leaf in the wilds of Canada. Somehow he never imagined embarking on a new life would involve marriage to a fetching thief with a penchant for trouble. A thief with mysteries of her own.

When Temple unexpectedly becomes the new Earl of Leavenby, will both his and Simone’s dark pasts rise up to haunt them? Or are they strong enough together to fight for their happiness?



First off, I loved this book. I love the visual aspect that A.M. Westerling brings with her writing. The way that the words really paint a picture is amazing.

Without giving anything away basically the book is about a pickpocket named Simone and Lord Temple Wellington. It follows there journey from the dull, stinky London to the open spaces of New Caledonia. Eventually they go back to London and the story takes a different turn. I love that the ending really gave insight to what Simone's story really was.

I loved the way that Simone and Temple's story was written. It was really a happily ever after for them. You really get to see how Simone grows over the course of the first half of the book. It was amazing to see her go from a street-girl to a respectable lady. I love that her wit and personality were not lost when she learned more about becoming a respectable society lady. She never lost her true self in those changes. The way that the environment was written was very visual.

I loved the way that Fort. St James was written as I have been there numerous times over my life. While I have never been to London the way that the environment was written made it easy to visualize. The ending couldn't have been better written. I loved that it really closed up the story and put the finishing touches of Temple and Simone's story.

I would have really loved to know a bit more about Simone's past and her parents but the way that they were referenced in Simone's flashbacks/dreams was very well written. I would have also really liked to see a bit of the story heading to Ft. St. James, or as it is called in the book New Caledonia.


I hope you enjoyed today's post.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to A.M. Westerling for sending me these amazing books for me to review. I have absolutely loved them.

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