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The Ghost and Christie McFee: Book Review

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Before I begin; I was sent this book by Suzanne Stengl to give my honest review.


Book Information

Title: The Ghost and Christie McFee

Author: Suzanne Stengl

Publisher: Mya & Angus

Edition: 1st

Pages: 164

ISBN: 9780988036543


Book Summary

An inexperienced diver, an underwater ghost town, two ghosts—

Even though Lost Lake is renowned for claiming the lives of divers searching for the legendary gold buried in its depths, Christie McFee is determined to explore the Lake’s underwater ghost town. And when a ghost from the past convinces her to join the treasure hunt, she throws her usual caution overboard.

Sure that the talk of ghosts is strictly for tourists, Gaven St. Michel, local divemaster, is confident he can keep Christie’s lovely body from being added to the Lake’s count—until another ghost appears amid the watery graves in Bandit Creek.

Will Gaven be able to protect Christie as she drifts deeper into the murkiness of this unsolved mystery?


Book Review

Before I begin, as always I will try and limit any spoilers and be very vague in my descriptions.

This book starts with Gaven in Montana. Gaven is the local Divemaster at Lost Lake. Christie arrives in Lost Lake immersed in grief. She joins the group that is doing the Town Tour of Bandit Creek, the "sunken town" in Lost Lake. The main reason that Christie is doing this dive, because right away you know that she doesn't actually want to do this dive, is because of her sister who recently passed away. The descriptions of the "sunken town" are amazing and help it seem like you can actually see what is around them. As the story progresses certain things lead people in town to believe that Christie is crazy and needs help. Gaven though doesn't seem to think that anything is wrong with Christie. Gaven actually seems right away to be attracted to Christie but she is a mystery to him. He does eventually get closer to her. By the end of the story, Christie has tackled the guilt that plagued her since her sister's death, while also solving the mystery of Bandit Creek.

Due to this being a shorter book I don't want to summarize too much more as it will just spoil the story. I loved this book though. I would have loved it if it was a little longer, just to wrap up the story a little better. (Again my opinion) Overall this was a really good book to read. Very easy to read but also very descriptive. I was easily able to immerse myself in this story like I can all stories so that is how I know it was good. Was humorous but also sweet. Highly recommend that you read this book.


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