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Wedding Bell Blues: Book Review

I was sent this book from Suzanne Stengl to give my honest review.


Book Information

Title: Wedding Bell Blues

Author: Suzanne Stengl

Publisher: Mya & Angus

Edition: 1st

Pages: 233

ISBN: 978177514621


Book Summary

A fairy godmother, a lost “slipper” and a not-quite-charming prince — the Cinderella story with a modern twist!

Alone and new to the city, with all her possessions in a single suitcase, Krista MacKenzie stumbles into a gentleman’s function—given a little shove from an earthbound fairy godmother disguised as her new best friend.

Logan Nicholas, CEO of Peregrine Oil & Gas, thinks that auctioning off escorts—even if only for dinner and a drink—is a poor idea for the fundraiser. He’ll make a donation for the cause, but he does not intend to bid. Not until he sees the stunning brunette come across the stage. Suddenly his competitive spirit takes over and he’s desperate to win her.

But what happens when the clock strikes midnight? Technically, he’s still got a girlfriend—who’s pushing him to set a date. He’s not ready for a wedding, and he’s sure not ready for the irrational feelings he’s having for this lady of the night.


Book Review

*I'm really going to try not to have any spoilers in this review, i.e. I will be very vague with descriptions*

This book revolves around Krista and Logan. Krista has just gotten out of a bad relationship and moved to Calgary from Saskatoon, Logan is stuck in an unhappy relationship that he isn't really sure how to get out of. (at least in my opinion). Krista accidentally ends up part of an escort auction, at which Logan bids on her and wins. Krista and Logan go for dinner and drinks and by the end of the night, Krista ends up at Logan's apartment because he has to make a work call and doesn't want their night to end yet. She ends up falling asleep but quietly leaves in the morning without telling Logan. Krista ends up getting a job through a temp agency and ends up as the receptionist for Logan's company even though she doesn't actually know it's his company until about a week later. Logan is convinced that she is an escort and is simply working as a receptionist to pick up clients and he tells her that. Krista ends up being very good at her job but Logan is still convinced that she is an escort then when a new "expert" comes to see if he is going to work with Logan's company, Logan becomes convinced that she was hired as a spy by the expert instead and he fires her. Logan eventually learns the truth and obviously, they end up together but not without a bunch of other stuff happening as well.

This is obviously a very vague description of what happens during this book, but it is so well written that I don't really want to spoil the story. Overall I really enjoyed this book and enjoyed seeing Krista face her past before giving a glimpse into her future. One thing that I do wish happened was that we were given an epilogue, even just by jumping forward a couple of months, I would love to know what happened to Krista and Logan as they explore their new relationship.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good clean romance.


I know my reviews are always rather short but I hate when I read a review and they end up spoiling a part of the story. I purposefully try and be as vague as possible.


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