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Whispers from the Past: Exploring the History of Orion, Alberta

Nestled amidst the rolling plains of Alberta lies a town frozen in time, where whispers of the past echo through its abandoned streets and dilapidated buildings. Welcome to Orion, a ghost town with a story as rich and mysterious as the prairie landscape that surrounds it. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of Orion, delving into its history, unraveling its enigmatic past, and uncovering the tales of the people who once called this place home. Join me as I peel back the layers of time and explore the haunting beauty of Orion, Alberta.

I opted to exclude photos from this post and instead incorporated videos to provide a richer multimedia experience.


Nestled amidst the majestic panorama of Alberta's mountains, forests, and lakes, lies an overlooked treasure steeped in enigma and allure – the ghost town of Orion. While Alberta showcases a plethora of natural wonders, those yearning for a different kind of adventure are irresistibly drawn to the haunting mystique of Orion. Once a thriving hamlet bustling with life, Orion boasted a population of nearly 400 residents who thrived amidst its fertile lands. Flourishing crops and approximately 30 local enterprises adorned its streets, casting Orion as a beacon of prosperity in its heyday. Yet, the whims of fate soon intervened, casting a shadow over the town's prosperity.

Dust storms and drought swept through the landscape, laying waste to the once-vibrant community of Orion. As crops withered and the promise of abundance faded, residents were forced to bid farewell to their cherished homes, seeking refuge in more promising horizons. Thus, Orion's once-thriving legacy dissolved into the annals of history, leaving behind a poignant reminder of days gone by. Today, the remnants of Orion stand as a solemn testament to its bygone era, frozen in time amidst the whispering winds that echo through its deserted streets. Amidst the decaying structures and abandoned relics, visitors are transported back in time, encountering fragments of a lost world – broken furniture, discarded shoes, and other poignant remnants, each imbued with a tale waiting to be told.

As the summer sun bathes Orion in its warm embrace, a surge of visitors descends upon the ghost town, enticed by the allure of abandoned edifices and the tantalizing possibility of encountering the supernatural. Amidst the haunting landscape, one figure emerges as a beacon of remembrance – Boyd Stevens. For years, Boyd Stevens stood as a stalwart figure within the community, presiding over a local hardware store that served as a gathering point for residents and visitors alike. With a warm smile and an encyclopedic knowledge of Orion's history, Stevens welcomed guests with open arms, regaling them with tales that spanned generations.

Yet, tragedy struck Orion in December 2016, as fire consumed the beloved hardware store, reducing it to ash. Despite the devastation wrought by the inferno, Boyd Stevens emerged unscathed, embodying the resilience that defines Orion's spirit. Though the loss of the hardware store left a void within the town's fabric, Stevens' unwavering dedication to preserving its history endures as a testament to Orion's enduring legacy. As visitors traverse the ghost town's silent streets, they carry with them the memories of Boyd Stevens and the indomitable spirit that defines Orion. Though the hardware store may lie in ruins, its legacy lives on, immortalized in the hearts of those who seek solace within the haunting embrace of Orion's forgotten past.


In my search for information about Orion, I encountered limited resources, but managed to find two videos that shed some light on the subject. One features Boyd Stevens, offering his perspective on the town and its history, providing a personal touch to the narrative. The second video captures the experiences of a traveler exploring the area, offering a broader perspective on Orion and its haunting charm. Despite the scarcity of information available, these videos paint a vivid picture of Orion's allure, capturing the essence of its abandoned streets and whispered tales from the past.

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