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10 Reasons I Love Road Trips

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I leave for a road trip tomorrow morning so I thought I would share some of the reasons that I love road trips.


1. Helps me clear my mind

It doesn’t seem to matter what is going on in my life whenever I head out on a road trip my worries and stressors seem to fade away, (at least for the most part). It allows me to be completely “free” in a sense and really enjoy the changing scenery and be in the moment.

2. Freedom

I am able to change plans and stop whenever I need to. Being able to stop for a photo, stretch, coffee or if you see a site that I feel like checking out.

3. Bonding with those important to me Creating new memories with whoever you are travelling with.

4. Great opportunity to indulge in your favorite media I love listening to music on a road trip and have recently gotten into podcasts. I don’t typically listen to them while driving but I always make sure that I have some so that I have something to listen to when I get to my destination.

5. Scenery I love photography, so I love seeing the scenery as I drive. This time I am bringing a dashcam so that I can get some more shots while driving because I know what the scenery is like because I have already done the drive a couple of times.

6. Cost Effective Road trips are generally cheaper than flying anywhere and that gives you more opportunities on the road to have different experiences.

7. Picnic Opportunities Picnicking is another way to save money. Rather than eating out at fast food/restaurants go to a grocery store and stock up on picnic foods and enjoy your lunch at your own pace.

8. Creativity I always seem to be more creative when going on a road trip. I always make sure that I am bringing enough stuff to keep me occupied because inevitably I spend a lot of time writing.

9. Packing You can pack everything that you think you will need without having to worry about the weight restrictions of a plane. For me that means I can bring books, notebooks and my laptop without worrying about the added weight.

10. Comfort

Being completely comfortable in your car and not having to worry about being perfectly presentable for other forms of travel. Want to wear shorts and a baggy t-shirt go for it, pyjamas and slipper shoes, awesome. Wear what makes you comfortable.


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