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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Motivation is a difficult thing to keep, at least for me. Most of the time I have a really hard time getting the motivation to get anything done. But I am going to try and use these five different ways to help either keep or get motivation for myself and I hope that you will use them too.


1- Put Pen to Paper and Make a Checklist

When you get up every morning make yourself a checklist on what you need to do during that day. When you complete a task make sure that you check it off. Getting those items check off on your daily lists shows that you are accomplishing more than you think you are.


2- Don't Compare Yourself With Others

Don't compare what you are doing with anyone else. Compare yourself with your past self; remember your successes from the past and think about what you have accomplished since then. You need to focus on how far you have come and only do things for yourself not because you are trying to be like someone else.


3- Don't Fear Failure

To put it simply, just because you don't complete a task in one day or you don't complete your checklist doesn't mean that you failed. For me "failure" means that I have something to build on and it is something that you can grow from.


4- Music & Podcasts

Use music and/or podcasts to push your motivation. Create a playlist that you can get into and really get work done. If you don't so much listen to music but would rather use podcasts as a motivational tool, then use what works for you.


5- Aim To Be Better NOT PERFECT

You don't have to be perfect. You only need to aim to be better than last week, last month or even last year. Be a better you not a perfect you.


So those are just 5 different ways that you can motivate yourself. These ones listed may not work for you but there are lots of lists all over the internet, and they may have something that works for you. I personally like these five and am going to start really incorporating all of them in my daily life.


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