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9 Tips for a Safe & Comfortable Road Trip

Updated: Mar 7

When you are planning a road trip, make sure you account for these road trips tips so you can get to your destination safely and comfortably. You need to plan in advance for your road trip and we’re not just talking about packing. “Highway hypnosis” is quite common when travelers haven’t prepared for the endurance demands of an extended haul. In fact, more than 60 percent of drivers say they’ve gotten behind the wheel while drowsy, according to a survey by mattress retailer Sleepy’s. With that statistic in mind, you should take steps to prepare for long drives before you get behind the wheel—and to stay alert and energized throughout your trip. These tips for long drives will help you down the road. 1. Get plenty of sleep before your drive Think about exhaustion before you begin your journey, not after. Get at least seven hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before the road trip to build up your energy reserves. It’s best to start in the morning after a good night’s sleep, not after a long, tiring day of work (unless you plan to stop). Take regular breaks along the way to stay fresh and alert, stopping roughly every 100 miles or two hours. 2. Bring healthy road trip snacks Carrying along a variety of vitamin-packed, healthy foods will allow you to get by on smaller snacks throughout the long drive, while skipping the fast-food stops. 3. Stay hydrated Keep the water supply well-stocked for maximum energy. 4. Plan your rest stops One of the most crucial tips for road trips is to get out of your car and stretch your legs every two hours or so, our experts suggest. Plan these stops into your long drive, whether they fall at mealtimes or can be timed to let you view interesting places. 5. Chew gum The repetitive process increases circulation and alertness. 6. Use energizing scents During long distance driving, chewing peppermint gum or having a peppermint scented air freshener can help keep you awake. 7. Sit up straight Make sure your seat is adjusted properly for your body, tilted for maximum blood flow. If you feel a driving “trance” coming on, sit up. 8. Keep passengers entertained Long drives—especially with kids—can often lead to bickering. That kind of aggravation leads to driver fatigue. So make sure children are entertained with books, puzzles and other time-killing diversions. On the flip side, road trip games such as “find the license plate” are great for keeping everyone engaged with one another. 9. Listen to audio books or Podcasts Audio books help keep the brain active, without creating a dangerous distraction. Breus recommends listening to humorous books or even comedy CDs. “Laughing,” he says, “will keep you awake.”



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