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Autumn Pasta Dishes

Today I have rounded up 6 Autumn Pasta recipes that I think look really good. This will be another post that if I try it I will add my notes. Reminder these are all recipes that I have not created so I will always link to the place where I found the recipe.


Caramelized Onion, Apple & Sausage Pasta

While I really don't like onions, I would be open to maybe trying this one as it looks really good. I would probably end up tweaking the recipe itself, maybe less onions or even chopping them really small. But other than that it looks really tasty.


Pumpkin alla Vodka Pasta

I'm not a huge pumpkin-in-savory dishes lover but I am usually willing to try a new dish once at least. The recipe does sound really good though so who knows it could be really delicious. As an added plus the recipe is vegan when left as is but you have the option of adding parmesan when serving. This is good for dairy-free people as well.


Winter Harvest Pasta

This recipe looks really good. I'm not a huge kale lover so I would probably switch it out for a different green but otherwise looks really good. I think it would even work as a cold salad if you left the greens out until serving.

This one doesn't print very well, however, if you want a copy of this recipe I can message it as I have a copy.


Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Orecchiette

This recipe is another one that looks really good, and that's coming from someone who hates brussels sprouts.


Smoked Gouda-Thyme Mac & Cheese

I always love a good mac & cheese and this one seems to be a very good rendition of it. While using a lot of milk and of course cheese so I'm not sure if I would be able to eat it, but in order to try it a Lactaid might be worth it.


Brown Butter Mushroom Pasta

I love mushrooms, pasta, and garlic so this dish seems to be a perfect fit for me. I also really like that this recipe is sans a thick sauce but rather has a butter sauce.


I can't wait to try these recipes. Let me know if you try any of these recipes or if you have a favorite autumn pasta dish that you like to make.


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