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This page is specifically for the items that I use to make this website.  


Items that I use: 

1)HP Google Chromebook- I use this computer for my website/bog as well as planning Facebook and Instagram.

2) Nikon CoolPix B500- I got this for my birthday a few years ago.

3) Paper Pads and Pens- I always write out things on paper pads before even typing it out. That way I can make changes over and over. 

4) Yearly Planner- this planner is divided into weekly and monthly layouts which I love I can plan months in advance so that I am not scrambling to get stuff done. 

5) Notebook- I use this to add all details that I need to have at all times rather then accidentally losing it. 

6) Youtube Planner - This is a printable that I created to make figuring out my Youtube videos easier. 

7) Post Planner -  Another printable that I created to make planning out the smaller details of each post easier. 

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