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Fall Essentials: My Top 5

Now autumn doesn't officially start until September 23rd but where I live the weather is already starting to get cooler at night and stay cooler during the day than would be considered summer weather. Personally, autumn is my favorite time of year. This post like the other seasonal essentials posts that I have done will include my top 5 essentials for autumn.



I love it when the weather gets cooler because it means that I can wear my favorite boots/booties without my feet getting way too hot. I have one pair (at the moment) of knee-high boots in a plum color and then I also have a grey pair of booties that I can wear even into winter. I also have a couple of pairs of heeled booties that I don't wear often but autumn is the perfect time to utilize them for sure.



I am addicted to scarves. I think I probably have roughly 20-30 (I really need to go through them). Scarves are an easy way to add a layer while adding something to your outfit as well. Due to the fluctuating weather, a scarf is the perfect essential because if it's cooler you keep it on while if it warms up you can remove it with no problem.



I really only wear jeans in autumn and winter so once the weather changes I pull out the only 2 pairs of jeans that I own and they get worn quite a bit.


Flannel Scent from Bath & Body Works

This scent for me is autumn in a bottle (or candle). I usually stock up and use it all year round but come autumn I will always use this room scent and I usually even have the hand soap for my bathroom.


Skin Care

This is a must-have as the weather changes. My skin acts up on a good day so having the proper skin care during drastic weather changes is a must-have. I personally only use The Ordinary, I love it.


Those are my top 5 essentials for autumn. What are some of your essentials now that the weather is cooling off and the days are getting shorter?


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