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Fun Things to Do If You're Single on Valentine's Day

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Today's post is a list of 30 different activities that are fun to do if you find yourself single for Valentine's Day.

I will also be linking my post on the true origins and history of Valentine's Day at the end of this post.


Have a spa day. Who says you need to get someone else to buy you the ultimate spa day for you to get some fun me time. Go ahead and schedule a massage or go to a local spa for some fun.

Have a night out with friends. There's a good chance that you're not the only single one in your friend group, so why not get together and have some fun with each other?

Have the ultimate movie marathon. The fun thing about this idea is that you can either do it at home by picking out some of your favorite movies and watching them from your couch. Or you can head over to your local theater and take in some of the latest flicks with the rest of the crowd.

Volunteer. There are other people around you that might also not be getting some love on V-Day. Check out your local animal shelter, nursing home, or hospital and spread some love around in your neighborhood.

Go to a concert. Concerts are always a ton of fun and they can sometimes be better without having to worry about other people around you. So have fun and let loose on the dance floor while jamming out to some of your favorite songs.

Support your favorite sports team. Even if sports isn't 100 percent your thing, a game can be so much fun, especially while cheering on the home team.

Check out a local museum. If you love art, then this is the perfect way to treat yourself, while checking out some amazing work.

Go to karaoke. Whether you want to sing on the top of your lungs with your friends or want to do it all by yourself, karaoke is always guaranteed to be a fun time.

Try out a new restaurant. There's a good chance that there are plenty of restaurants around you that you haven't seen yet, so why not go check it out?

Splurge on a big gift. Have something that you've been dying to get, but have been too afraid to take the plunge on hitting buy? Then you should really treat yourself with something you're always wanted.

Go to a chocolatier. Find out if there is a local chocolate shop nearby you and try out some new sweets that you'll definitely be excited to take home with you.

Go ice skating. Valentine's Day is still during the winter and you should totally check out your local rink and channel your inner ice princess.

Take a class. There's definitely something out there that you've been dying to try out, so take the night to sign up and learn something new.

Try a new recipe. Whether it's cooking, baking, or even both, take the time to create a new dish that you'll definitely devour later.

Go to a carnival/arcade. Spend the night having some fun by heading over to a local carnival or just playing some games at an arcade.

Get a makeover. Change up your look with a new hair color or cut and book a session with a local MUA to get some tips on how to be even more glam for your next night out.

Binge-watch a brand new show. There's definitely a show on your list that you've been wanting to check out for a while now, so why not start?

Start a new book/audiobook. Travel to a whole new world by picking up a new book. Who knows? It might become your new favorite.

Start a puzzle. There are so many fun puzzles out there for you to try out including some of your favorite characters and you can even make your own.

Sign up for an escape room. Looking for something a little more challenging? Why not try out an escape room and see if you can get out faster than everyone else.

Get an early start on spring cleaning. Who said you had to wait until spring starts to get things in tip-top shape? You might even get some new ideas to decorate your space.

Start a new project. There's always that one project, whether it's a book you've always wanted to write or scarf you wanted to knit, that you've been constantly putting off. So, you should definitely start it now.

Take a dance class. Get ready to bust a move on the dance floor by taking a fun new dance class that might inspire you to take some more.

Go through your clothes. Take a closer look at your closet and find some pieces that you don't wear anymore, then donate them to a local org and give them a second home while giving yourself some more space to add some new clothes.

Make Valentine's Day cards for everyone you know. You might be older, but there is no joy like getting Valentine's Day cards from your BFFs. Why not take it back to when you were younger and make some cute V-Day cards for everyone close to you.

Go see a psychic. Curious when you'll find your perfect match? Go and check out a psychic who will tell you your future.

Go to a local coffee shop. Your local place might be having an open mic night or it might be the perfect place to get some much-needed work done, so fuel up and have some fun at your local coffee place.

Babysit (and make some $$$). Give a couple close to you the chance to have a night out for the holiday by babysitting. Also, it's the perfect way to make some extra cash.

Have a game night. Whether you want to just play some solo player games or want to host the ultimate get-together with your friends, game night is always a good idea.

Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day party. Who said you can't throw a party on Valentine's Day when you're single? Throw a big soiree with all your closest friends and celebrate being single together.


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