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Making Changes: Living Life for Me

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

So this post is really a continuation of Monday's post in a way. In that post I discussed the goals I have for the year and in this post I want to dive into some of the changes that are going to happen this year and really my reasoning on making these changes.

So change has always been a hard thing for me but in order to move forward with my life I need to make some changes. Those changes include my goals for the year, the big one being my Health and Fitness goals. The main reason that I am making these changes is because I am tired of hating the way that I look, wanting to hide behind baggy clothes is something I really want to get away from. I want to regain some self confidence and really love the body that I have. Before being diagnosed with depression and anxiety I used food as a crutch and would emotional eat all the time and as such packed on weight, which I still have a very hard time getting rid of to this day. I am making sure that I have a actual planner for each my eating and my exercise so that I have a physical record of what I am doing.

Another change is going to be really working on my content for both this blog and for my YouTube channel. I haven't made a YouTube video since I think October 2021 so I really want to get back into YouTube and try to create a community. The same goes with the blog, I am hoping to have some big changes for the blog this year and I don't really want to reveal to much until I have some definitive ideas that I am hoping to use. Along those line what would you guys love to see from me? Keep in mind I will not be travelling and I need some at home based ideas. I am going to try and have some more reading/book content as well, because that goes with my other goal of reading more this year. Last year I was able to read 128 books of my goal to read 75 over the year. What book content would you like to see? More bookshelf tour ideas? More unboxing videos? Organising videos?

Now I know this may seem like a rather redundant post because it is just reiterating what was discussed in Monday's post. But for me this post was able to explain just a little bit more into my reasoning and thinking.


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