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Mental Self Care Ideas

Updated: Mar 7

Today I have compiled a list of 10 different ideas that can help when you are having a bad mental health day. I utilize a few of these ideas myself, but instead of using them on only bad mental health days, I use some of them every day.

  1. Read A Book

  2. Take a guilt-free nap

  3. Schedule "me time" into your calendar

  4. Meditate

  5. Use an adult coloring book to color and unwind

  6. Listen to a Podcast (preferably a calming one, but whatever helps you relax is fine as well)

  7. Unplug for at least 30 mins; put your technology away and relax

  8. Avoid toxic people

  9. Try a new hobby

  10. Create a to-do list to help clear your mind.


These are by no means the only ways that you can help your mental health on those bad days. Create a list of tools and tricks that works for you.


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