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My Weight Loss Journey

This is something that I have touched on before but never to an extent where I actually shared my story, if I can even call it that. Today I want to sort of do that, I have been making changes for the last 6 months (which was really hard because I was stuck in a boot for all that time), and I am finally making some progress. My weight is not something that I will usually talk about because I am very self-conscious about it but I have come to the realization (or rather acceptance) that my weight doesn't define me and it doesn't make me any less because I happen to weight more than what is considered "normal" weight.

When I started this new "journey" as I'm going to call it, back in November 2022 I weighed 319 lbs., and while that may not seem like a crazy amount and I have had people say well you don't look that heavy, it was and is too heavy for me. I started eating differently, having smaller portions, limited junk food (i.e. pop, chips, cookies, etc.), and no potatoes and small portions of things like pasta, rice, etc., and I have started focusing on more of the Mediterranean diet. I also don't have any caffeine anymore, I haven't for about 4 months now and I have noticed some changes just because of that. During this time I was also stuck in a boot so I was doing minimal to no exercise because I couldn't actually do much. I was in a boot from October 31 till late April, don't remember the day as I just stopped wearing it unless I absolutely had to. I still may have to if I have tons of walking to do but recently I was able to do Costco and Superstore with only my ankle brace instead of the boot which was a big accomplishment for me.

As for a weight update, while this may seem like not very much lost since November this is something that I am really happy with and I am proud of myself for even getting this far. As of May 20th, I weigh 298.8, and I am super pleased to be under 300 lbs. for the first time in quite a few years. Now that I don't have the boot on I am doing more exercise and I am very happy with the slow progress. Once my foot is actually back to normal, which could take a bit yet (I am just happy to be out of the boot at this point, I don't want to rush my foot and have it get injured worse).

While this post doesn't have a lot going on, I wanted to share a little bit of my story as a way to show progress is still progress no matter how little it looks to be. My 21.2 lbs. weight loss may be small for 6 months, but for someone who a) doesn't work out/ works out very little, b) is still healing from an injury, and c) someone whose mental health doesn't cooperate every day, this is still amazing progress. Your journey doesn't have to follow a set plan, if it works for you that is all that matters. I find that if I share my progress every now and then I hold myself accountable for any changes. I don't share every milestone but I wanted to share an update as I really wanted to have a record of where I started and where I end up if that makes sense.


What I have done to lose weight will probably not work for you as every body is different. I will be slowly adding way more exercise into my day (at least that is the goal). Your lifestyle may be following a strict diet and exercise regime. A lot of how you lose weight depends on your metabolism or how your body changes food and drink into energy. If you are exercising every day make sure that you are getting enough calories to fuel your body, having a deficit might work for some people but it is not the best way to lose weight.


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