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Spend the Day with Me: January 2023

Updated: Mar 7

Today's post will be a quick rundown of what I do on an average Monday. As I am doing school three days a week from home my mornings consist of school. Then in the afternoons, I either do blog stuff or in the case of this video I went and played video games for a while and then I read my book before having dinner and then doing my weekly Rick Steves Monday Night Travel.


Hope you enjoyed today's post, while short, I am glad to be doing videos again.

I am hoping to get back to a normal routine with videos but not sure if that will actually happen, life seems to get in the way.

Book Reviews will eventually be back, I have 2 books left to review but with school, I have been having issues actually reading the ones that I am supposed to review. They are coming and I am hoping that following a new routine for myself will make it easier to get things done.


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