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Summer Essentials: Top 5

In today's post, I wanted to highlight some of my summer essentials since summer is officially here. These are my top five items for summertime.

I did this back in March for springtime as well.


1) Sunglasses & Sunscreen

My eyes are super sensitive to light so I always have my sunglasses with me, even if it's partly cloudy I always have my sunglasses. Another thing that I am looping into this one is sunscreen. I always carry SPF 100 in my bag along with my sunglasses. I burn really fast so I always need sunscreen.


2) Sandals

I love gladiator sandals, I know they aren't really in style anymore but those are always my go-to in the summer. I also have a couple of pairs of slides that I also like to wear. I still am trying to find a really nice pair of sandals that aren't gladiators or slides.


3) Reduce Tumbler

I always have water on me. I typically drink about 1L a day of water so having my Reduce tumbler with me at all times makes it easy to make sure that I am drinking water and staying hydrated. Reduce is basically a dupe of the Stanley Tumbler that is all over TikTok.


4) Dresses & Thigh Saver

I love wearing my sundresses all summer. However that being said, being a larger girl I run the risk of getting "chub rub" and that is super painful after a day of walking around and sweating. I purchased thigh savers from Knix and I love them. Picture from Knix website.


5) Swimsuit

I love swimming and summer is obviously the perfect time for lake days. I bought myself a new swimsuit a couple of years ago and it is still my favorite. The picture is not the swimsuit I have but it is still really cute.


These are obviously not the only things that I consider essentials for summer but these are my top 5 for sure.

What are some of your summer essentials?


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