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Back to the Beginning: Reflecting on My First Blog Post

This post is not going to be a long one but rather I wanted to reflect on the first blog post that I ever did.

So technically the first post that I did was a Welcome post but I am going to go by the "second" post however it is really is the first blog post that I did. This was all the way back in August of 2018. This first post was my bucket list post.


As the years have passed since writing the above post, my bucket list has changed a bit. The things that stayed the same are Europe, Canada, and Antarctica. They have stayed in the top three, with Europe reclaiming the top spot. I have since removed Australia, Russia, the Great Wall of China, and Africa from my list. I have however added Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and South America to my list. I'm unsure about the order as I haven't really put much thought into it.

Do you have a Bucket List? What is the top place you want to visit? Do you want to see an actual updated Bucket List from me in the coming months?


More reading on Bucket Lists:


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